Computer Times, Editors Choice

The world's first keyboard specially designed for children's smaller hands!

Because hands come in different sizes - so should keyboards! Datadesk's' new, patented LittleFingers® (Retail $99) is the first keyboard sized to fit the hands of the kids who are using it - whether in the classroom, in the lab, or at home.

Using LittleFingers® , children can quickly learn one of the most important and lasting computer skills - keyboarding. Now they can learn to touch-type easily and proficiently, because LittleFingers® is the first keyboard to incorporate key cap size and spacing that has been scientifically-engineered to allow kids to easily reach all of the keys. No longer will they have to "hunt-and-peck" on a keyboard designed for adult-sized hands. The photo below shows the difference in size between an adult keyboard and hand (at left) and the LittleFingers keyboard with a child's hand.

LittleFingers® is both a full-function keyboard and a rugged trackball that eliminates the need for a separate mouse. This unique design lets kids type, point and click without moving their hands from the keyboard. Also, because LittleFingers® works on both Macs and PCs, it doesn't matter what computer system you have - now or in the future!

Best of all, its' exclusive "dual-mode" feature allows a second or adult-sized keyboard to be plugged into LittleFingers® and used simultaneously (normally two keyboards cannot be used on a PC). This unique feature allows parents or teachers to work side-by-side with the child for teaching, assisting, or joint computer activities. Now, kids' computer time can also become a quality learning and/or family experience.

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