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Designed for children's smaller fingers – LittleFingers Keyboard

The amazing keyboard is not a toy! It is a full-function, adult-quality keyboard with all the features on an adult-sized keyboard, only smaller to fit the little hands and fingers of children. The smaller key size and spacing allows children to reach keys more easily. Children can now learn to touch type proficiently without awkwardly stretching their fingers or using the slow and tedious "hunt and peck" method. LittleFingers is a revolutionary teaching tool, allowing a second or adult-sized keyboard to plug into it for side-by-side keyboard training. A child can sit next to mom, dad or teacher while observing and learning proper keyboarding techniques. Little Fingers is both PC and Mac compatible and can easily fit into a backpack for carrying to school or anywhere the child goes to use a computer. To help children learn and develop proficient typing skills, Mario Teaches Typing 2 is included at no additional cost. The keyboard carries a three year warranty.
Info: Datadesk
Phone: (888) 446-3222
Platform: PC and Mac
Price: US $ 99

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Computer Journal, Best of 99
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