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LittleFingers®: The First and Only Adult-Quality Keyboard Scientifically Designed to Fit the Smaller Fingers of Children

The New Educational Tool That Gives Children the Competitive Edge in Learning Proper Keyboarding and Touch Typing Skills

SAN MATEO, CA -- When it comes to learning to use a computer, children are at a distinct disadvantage because computer keyboards are designed for adults—not children. It is particularly frustrating for teachers and other educators to train students in the use of proper computing techniques when the keyboards they're using are too large for their smaller hands. Now, LittleFingers® from Datadesk Technologies has eliminated these problems by designing the first keyboard specifically for children's smaller hands and fingers.

Many schools are now teaching keyboarding and basic computer skills as early as the second grade. For those children who have access to computers at home, the learning process begins even earlier. Having to use the larger adult-sized keyboards, make it virtually impossible for children to develop correct touch-typing and keyboarding methods. LittleFingers® with its patented layout that includes smaller key size and spacing, allows children to reach all of the keys without having to awkwardly stretch their fingers. This enables them to easily improve their computing skills with confidence, speed and proficiency in a natural and comfortable manner.

Research indicates that young children are also prone to developing repetitive stress problems due to their increased time using a computer. Using a keyboard that causes them to stretch their smaller hands can only exacerbate this predisposition to injury. LittleFingers® helps reduce the possibility of injury by allowing children to learn proper typing techniques on a keyboard that has been scientifically designed to fit their smaller hands and fingers. By using a keyboard that "fits," children are more apt to learn proper keyboarding faster and easier, and will have less of a chance to develop poor keyboarding habits that can hinder rather than enhance their future computing experience.

Teachers Can plug in a second keyboard and mouse for side-by-side instruction

LittleFingers® is not a toy—it is technically superior to any of the so-called plastic "kiddy" keyboards on the market. It is a full-function keyboard that has all the features of adult keyboards—and a lot more—only in a smaller format. Outside of its patented layout, one of LittleFingers® many unique features is its "dual-mode" capability which allows a second or adult-sized keyboard to be plugged into it and permits both keyboards to be used simultaneously! This enables parents, teachers or other students to work side-by-side as a hands-on typing coach or buddy to help children learn proper keyboarding skills and/or participate in joint, interactive computing activities together. This exclusive feature not only empowers children to emulate their teachers and parents, but it also promotes bonding and builds rapport with parents and teachers alike.

Rick Feutz, vice president of marketing and sales for Datadesk Technologies the company that designed and developed LittleFingers® says, "Teachers are trying to teach their students keyboarding at younger and younger ages, but their hands are just too small. The LittleFingers® keyboard provides the tool to help teachers overcome this problem and start children off properly right from the start."

LittleFingers® is perfect for the classroom, computer lab or home. It combines the latest technical innovations in a stylish, space-saving design, including a child-proof three-button trackball that eliminates the need for a separate, space-using mouse. This durable, well-constructed keyboard is completely portable! About the size of a standard school notebook, it fits all standard backpacks for easy transport to school, grandma's or a friend's house.

LittleFingers® has a special academic pricing and is available to educators for a free 30-day trial. For purchasing, additional product information and other inquiries contact Datadesk Technologies at 1-888-327-8868. In addition, you may visit their web site for an informative presentation at: www.datadesktech.com/education

Datadesk Technologies is an award-winning company whose commitment to designing unique and unconventional computer products has kept them in the forefront of computer technology, and has earned them the respect of consumers and industry.

Company Contact:

For more product information or a personal interview with a Datadesk Technologies spokesperson, please contact Rick Feutz, VP Education, rick@datadesktech.com.

Here's what sets LittleFingers® apart:

  • Its patented layout includes key caps that are specially sized and spaced for smaller hands
  • Small footprint -- 12.5 inches including the trackball, so there's plenty of workspace available
  • 3-Button trackball -- puts all point and click functions within easy accessibility and eliminates the need for a mouse
  • One keyboard fits all -- no matter what computer system the child uses now, in the future, at home , or in school through its exclusive PC and MAC compatibility at the touch-of-a-switch
  • Built-in ergonomic wrist rest -- assures that the children will develop proper and comfortable keyboarding habits, and reduce the risk of injury
  • Exclusive Dual Mode -- allows a second or adult-sized keyboard to be plugged in, allowing both to be used together
  • Color-coded key caps -- to facilitate the utilization of the most-used functions of Windows, DOS or MAC systems
  • Dual-purpose keys -- provide extended keyboard functionality

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