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Introducing The First Adult-Quality Computer Keyboard Specially Designed To Fit The Little Fingers Of Children

SAN MATEO, CA -- In today's ever-changing and ever-evolving world of cyber technology, more and more young children are experiencing the ramifications of computer literacy and competency at an earlier age. Research indicates that children who begin their computer training early in life have a decided advantage in achieving their full educational and professional potentials over those who do not. LittleFingers®, a full-function keyboard that facilitates computer learning and education, was designed specifically to give young children a real advantage in developing good computing skills.

One universal problem with evolving technology has been that all computer keyboards were designed for adults, not children. LittleFingers® has changed all that. It is the first and only computer keyboard specifically designed to fit the smaller hands of the children who are using it. It's not a toy, LittleFingers® has the same high quality and function as the best adult-sized keyboard, but with a patented layout that includes smaller key caps and spacing to fit the hands of the next generation of computer users -- our children. LittleFingers® is designed to work with either PC or Macintosh computers! In addition, a second or adult-sized keyboard can be plugged into it allowing both keyboards to be used together, creating a shared learning experience between child, parent or teacher.

According to William Frankel, vice president of marketing and sales for Datadesk Technologies the company that designed and developed LittleFingers®, "It's almost impossible for a small child to learn to touch-type correctly on adult-sized keys -- they're just too big and their fingers can't reach. Because of this size and spacing problem, most youngsters resort to the ‘hunt and peck' technique which is a difficult habit to break."

"With basic typing skills now being taught in the second and third grade, having a keyboard that fits is a real advantage for any child wanting to develop good computing skills," Frankel says. LittleFingers® is much more than a keyboard, it's an educational tool that has many advantages over traditional computer keyboards, including:

  • Exclusive, patented layout, incorporating reduced key cap size and spacing – specially designed for small hands and fingers
  • A second standard adult keyboard can be plugged in and used simultaneously
  • A built-in 3-button, child-proof trackball – eliminates the need for a space-using mouse
  • Mac and PC compatible -- even if you change systems, your investment is protected

Scientifically Engineered With Children In Mind

LittleFingers® allows children to reach all of the computer keys easily, more naturally and comfortably -- without having to stretch. This helps prevent children from developing repetitive stress injuries. In operating a keyboard that is more child-friendly, children will be free to concentrate and enjoy the process of learning, and develop proper computing skills at a faster pace without injury to their hands.

The LittleFingers® keyboard features a small footprint design that is 12.5 inches wide and includes a built-in wrist rest for maximum typing comfort. It also has a 3-button trackball for ""point and click" functions as well as color-coded key caps for the most-used functions in Windows, DOS or Macintosh systems.

This durable, well-constructed keyboard is completely portable! About the size of a standard school notebook, LittleFingers® fits standard backpacks for transporting to school, grandma's or a friend's house.

In addition, because the LittleFingers® keyboard mimics the larger adult version, without the look and feel of a plastic "kiddy" keyboard, children can sit side by side with their parents while observing and emulating their typing skills. It's a wonderful way for children's computer time to be a shared family experience.

FREE Software Package Included with LittleFingers®

To help children learn and develop proficient typing skills, Mario Teaches Typing 2, a best selling software program from the Learning Company, is included at no additional cost with each LittleFingers® keyboard. This PC and Mac compatible software package has a suggested retail price of $30.00 and is being offered free by Datadesk Technologies to provide the ultimate hardware and software solution for teaching young children keyboarding and touch-typing

LittleFingers® has a suggested retail price of $69.95 (including software package) and is available at select computer and specialty retail outlets or direct from Datadesk Technologies at 1-888-327-8868. In addition, you may visit their web site for an informative presentation at: www.datadesktech.com/plf.htm

Datadesk Technologies is an award-winning company whose commitment to designing unique and unconventional computer products has kept them in the forefront of computer technology, and has earned them the respect of consumers and industry.

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