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Award winning technology

Datadesk Technologies designs some of the most innovative input devices in the industry under the direction of its visionary founder and innovator, Robert Solomon. A creative, award-winning company respected for our unique and unconventional approaches to the design of computer products, Datadesk has developed proprietary technologies and owns key patents. The company's family of input devices include keyboards, trackballs, touchpads and other accessories that optimize both comfort and productivity for personal computer users at home, in the workplace and at school. We are continuing to expand our product line through innovative devices designed to improve the ease-of-use and functionality of hand-held computers, wireless devices and cell phones.

Our mission

Our core strength is an ability to conceive, develop, and put into production innovative products. Our mission is to create solutions for making technology-based products such as computers and handheld devices simpler and easier to use. In other words more "appliance" like.

No newcomer to innovation

Datadesk is one of the first companies in the fast-growing technology field to recognize an increasing awareness among computer users of the importance of keyboard design and functionality in relation to their comfort, health and productivity. By creating products superior to standard computer keyboards, Datadesk has achieved the respect and attention of industry and consumers alike. Since it was founded in l985, the company has achieved several impressive milestones that have garnered it attention and respect within the computer industry.

First in our class

Datadesk pioneered the third-party Macintosh keyboard market by developing IBM-style keyboards for Macintosh users including the first extended keyboard with function keys (the MAC-101). It was on this product that Bill Gates first demonstrated Microsoft Word for the Macintosh.

The company was the first to develop a cross platform user-configurable keyboard—the SwitchBoard—that enabled users to actually re-arrange the physical layout of the keyboard by plugging and unplugging components in a variety of positions.

Datadesk was the first to develop a keyboard incorporating patented variable-width key caps that makes ergonomic or "split" keyboards easier to type on.

Datadesk is also the first company to develop a true children's keyboard, LittleFingers, specially designed for smaller hands and fingers. LittleFingers helps kids learn their most important computer skill—keyboarding. The concept is so original and unique, that it was awarded an exclusive United States utility patent.

Innovating into the new millennium

Today, the company is in the process of creating new, small footprint peripherals, configurable to users needs, allowing them to effectively build their own input solutions by positioning components where they are most comfortable and productive.

Datadesk is a privately-held company headquartered on Bainbridge Island, Washington, near Seattle. Its products are sold world wide through a network of distributors, mail order catalogs and retail dealers.

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