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"The most important accelerator you can buy for a Macintosh."

"I'd give it so many "mice" that you'd need the Pied Piper to clear your office."

"Of all the keyboards I have used, I found Datadesk's to be the smoothest and easiest to work with."

"The SmartBoard was easier on my hands and wrists than any other keyboards I've used."
—MacWorld Magazine

"Datadesk has come up with a new approach to keyboard design that offers improvements over existing designs."

"I found myself using Datadesk's trackball more than I ever expected, even though I'm not particularly fond of mice."
—PC Magazine

"If you're looking for a small keyboard, the TrackBoard wins hands-down."
—MacHome Magazine

"For ingenuity of design and sheer dollar-value, they're very hard to beat."
—The Washington Post

"If you're particular about keyboards, you'll probably like Datadesk's."
—Byte Magazine

"The Smartboard is the ideal alphanumeric input player for the multimedia
—Tony Reveaux
Film/Tape World March 2001

"SmartBoard has a good feel and is easier to adapt to than the Microsoft Natural Keyboard."
—Windows Sources

"Anyone who spends a lot of time on his or her computer will appreciate (SmartBoard) this innovative keyboard."
—Internet Computer

"It's a good deal...two carpal-tunnel-free thumbs up."
—MacHome Magazine

"The TrackBoard Keyboard has an excellent feel."
—MacHome Magazine

"I really prefer the feel of Datadesk keyboards."
—Byte Magazine

"The well worth considering."
—MacWorld Magazine